Commercial and Utilities

Here are some of our practice areas and common issues that arise which we can help address:

  • Loan documents from simple loans to complex transactions
  • Curative work for Title issues
  • Foreclosures
  • Advise what type of company or entity to form
  • Assist adding or removing a partner in a business
  • Keep corporate document and records current
  • Contract review with vendors, suppliers, and customers
  • If you haven’t been paid for work done or products supplied on a construction project, we can help you with Mechanic’s or Materialman’s Liens.
  • Need help with your financing?  We have experience closing RUS/USDA utility loans, CoBank, Texas Water Development Board loans, and other utility financing transactions.
  • Have an easement or condemnation question? We handle a variety of property issues.
  • Are your Bylaws, Policies, and Tariff up to date?